Editorial Project – Fright Night

My final illustration and GIF for Fright Night an article by Graham Lawton from a New Science magazine.



This illustration is for an article titled Fright Night by Graham Lawton from a New Science magazine. The article talked about how people like frightening themselves and why this is the case. I tried to illustrate this by creating a quirky haunted dolls house. I thought that this worked well with the article as it portrays the fun involved with being scared by a book or film and it works well to draw the reader in. I decided to explore materials again in this project by using a mixture of watercolour, collage and gouache paint to create this image. I think the collage really helps to give the image life and a sense of fun which is what I wanted to include in my work.

10 images from Field and Subject

10 of my best images from the modules Field and Constellation during my first year at university

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Personification Workshop

My work from a workshop where we had to use inanimate objects to represent characters from A Streetcar Named Desire.

The first objects I chose to represent my characters were a jewellery box for Blanche, a box of matches for Stanley and a key for Stella. I decided quickly to change some of my objects as they didn’t work well together because of their different sizes, Blanche was larger than Stanley which made it too difficult to make Stanley look dominant.

I then used a ring for Blanche but this still didn’t work as she was now too small compared to Stanley. I decided to change my objects for both Blanche and Stanley in order for them to work well together.

I ended up using a perfume bottle for Blanche and a hip flask for Stanley. These worked much better together as the flask is just a bit bigger than the perfume bottle. I have explained my reasons for choosing these objects on my blog post ‘Personifying Objects: A Streetcar Named Desire’.

We had to use our objects to act out scenes from the film / play.

We then used these photographs to draw out scenes from the play using our personified characters.


A Streetcar Named Desire: Colour Workshop

My work from a second colour workshop focusing on creating work portraying a scene from the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Three things that I learnt from this workshop:

  • That colours are important when trying to portray part of a story through abstract or figurative illustration.
  • That colour can be used to show the relationship between two people in a story and the dynamics between them.
  • That carefully selected subtle hints of colour can express just as much meaning or emotion as a much more colourful piece of work.

50 Artefacts

The work that I have produced so far for a brief asking to draw 50 objects considering angles, space and scale.

Three things that I learnt when working towards this brief:

  • How using colour can help to put an object in a space or time.
  • How an object can be hinted at using in-complete lines.
  • How different textures can be portrayed through the movement of line.

Collage Workshop

My outcomes from a workshop about using cutouts of bold, textured colour to compose a collage.

Three things that I learnt during this workshop:

  • How different textures can work together or contrast against each other.
  • How negative space is important within a composition.
  • How layering images can add extra depth to a piece.