Creative Conscience – Final GIFs

The final GIFs that I have made for a campaign that encourages people to donate blood for the Creative Conscience project.


I made some improvements to my GIFs. I started by changing the text so that it stood out more and wasn’t overshadowed by the vampire character. I also changed one of my GIFs to make it more interesting.

cookie-gif-new-text-giffancy-a-pint-gif-gif-4dont-be-a-sucker-new-text-giffangtastic-new-text-gif-gifI think that the new text looks a lot better than the old, it stands out a lot more and I think that it is easier to read. I also think that enlarging different words makes it look more interesting and eye catching.

I also made a rough poster that could be part of the campaign. I made a landscape and a portrait version so that they could be used in different ways. I think that the poster works but maybe doesn’t relate to the idea of donating blood as well as the image of the vampire. I do think that it is an eye catching design and would be effective at attracting people’s attention.

I then photoshopped a series of images to show how my GIFs and my poster could be encountered in the real world and where they could be shown in order to get people’s attention and to get people to understand more about blood donation in order to convince them to do it.

fangtastic poster fbfangtastic advertfacebook adbus stop billboardbillboard 2I’ve created two different scenarios, a social media post and a bus stop billboard as these are places where a GIF could be shown and they are common places to advertise. Because of the shape of the GIF it would be difficult to show on a bus stop billboard however you could show two GIFs at once but this may make it too difficult to read and understand each GIF individually. I think that the GIF on the bus stop board with the black boarder looks better but it wastes a lot of space that could have been used.

I then decided to use a different billboard to show how the GIFs could be encountered in the real world, I chose one which suited the shape of the GIFs that I have made. I think this image looks a lot better as the GIFs fit properly in the billboard frames.

Blank Billboard Banner Media Light box Subway station with blurr

Creative Conscience – Development

Some more of my development work from this project.

In order to improve my GIFs I decided that the vampire character needed to stay in place in each GIF and not move about too much and to instead animate the text so that the GIFs were more consistent. I also knew that I needed to improve the quality of animation still as they needed to look more sophisticated. I also decided to make 4 GIFS as a set for the project.

cookie-gif-3For this Fancy a Bite? GIF I kept the vampire character in one place and improved the movement of his arm as in the previous version of this GIF his arm moved very awkwardly and clumsily. I also animated the text so that the text moves instead of the character. I think this format works a lot better as this is inly a short animation it needs to be consistent and easy to follow. I also think that this decision also puts a bit more emphasis on the text as thats what changes and not the character.

dont-be-a-sucker-blink-gifFor the Don’t be a sucker GIF I did the same thing as I did with the Fancy a bite one as the character only moves at the beginning of the GIF, its the text that moves and changes after the vampire has come into the GIF. I think this looks a lot better as again your attention is drawn more to the text. I also slowed the movement of his blinking and made him move from side to side a bit so that he isn’t too static. I also got rid of the flapping cape as I don’t think that it worked very well.

fancy-a-pint-gif-2-gifFor the fancy a pint GIF I changed the moment quite a lot. I made it more complicated as the character now lifts its glass and drinks out of it instead of just shaking the glass. I think that this made the GIF much more interesting and eye catching. I also made it so the arm with the pint remains visible for the entire GIF so that it doesn’t just disappear.

fangtasticI also animated one of my latest ideas. This is a very simple animation that doesn’t really contain much information about donating blood but I think that it is still a fun way of trying to get people to donate blood. I don’t think that this GIF is as effective as some of the others as the only animated aspects are the vampire’s eyes and mouth.

All of these GIFs need improving but I am happy with the animation on most of them. I think that the text on all of them needs to be made bolder or bigger in order for it to stand out more as I think that the vampire draws your attention away from it too much so you don’t really read whats there. I could possibly make some of the important words bigger so that they stand out or I could animate some individual words so that they attract even more attention. I think I also need to change the last GIF, the do something fangtastic one as it isn’t very eye catching because it doesn’t move as much as the others.

Creative Conscience – Developing GIFs

The development of the rough GIFs that I made for the Creative Conscience project.

To improve my GIFs I wanted to experiment with different background colours and textures. I also wanted to improve the movement of the character in my GIFs as its very rough and jerky. I want the movements to look more realistic but I still want the GIFs to be simple and quirky.

I started by using acrylic paints to create different backgrounds. I then scanned these in to see how they would look with my vampire character. I also experimented with changing the colour of the text so that it stands out against the different backgrounds. I also made a grey/white background on my tablet which is similar to the original red background. After making all of these different backgrounds I think that the original red one is the most effective as it is vibrant and eye-catching, it contrasts well with the text and the vampire character.

I then used the fancy a bite GIF to experiment with the movement of the vampire character. I changed his movements so that they are more sophisticated and realistic.

cookies-gif-2I think the movements can still be improved but I think that this GIF is a lot better than the previous one.

I also experimented with some new puns that could be used in the GIFs.

As my work has to be a campaign I think that creating three final GIFs would be a good idea. So far my favourite GIFs are the fancy a bite? GIF, the don’t be a sucker GIF and one of my newer ideas, do something fangtastic which I haven’t made into a GIF yet.

I then improved the animation for the don’t be a sucker GIF. There are some things I would like to improve about the movement still but I think it has improved.


Creative Conscience – Making GIFs

The development of one of my initial ideas, making some rough GIFs of some of my ideas.

I decided to experiment more with the idea of making an animation or a series of GIFs for the creative conscience brief.

I started by doing some quick storyboards of some ideas that could be turned into GIFs. The idea was for them to be simple and to convince people to give blood or just to get them thinking about it. I wanted to use the vampire character as I thought it would be a fun and quirky way of getting the information across.


I then did a couple of short story boards for an idea similar to the vampire one but using Frankenstein to teach about organ donation. I only did a couple of these as I realised that this could be an insensitive way of talking about organ donation and could be seen as offensive to people.

I then did some quick sketches using my tablet of what the vampire looks like, I then used these sketches to make images that could be used to make some rough GIFs of the story board ideas.

Creative Conscience - Sketch 3

I also drew the vampire using a brush ink pen and watercolours, however I don’t think this version looked as good as the digital one as the colours weren’t very bright and it didn’t stand out as much.

watercolour vampire.jpg

I then used these images to make a few rough GIFs, I say these are roughs as I made them mainly to refresh myself on making GIFs and to see how my ideas could potentially work.


I think that these GIFs work quite well, they are short and simple and they explain a bit about blood donation and what your donation can do. To improve them I will experiment with different backgrounds and font for the text. I will also experiment with how the vampire moves as its quite clunky at the moment but I think that this adds charm and humour to the GIFs. I could also try using these GIFs to make a longer animation that incorporates sound as I think this will make the GIFs more effective at capturing peoples attention.

Space is the Animated Place – Reflection

A short reflection on what I have learnt during the project Space is the Animated Space and what I would do to improve my work if I had the chance.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 14.52.41.pngI enjoyed this project as it allowed me to explore a new type of animation that is less controlled and more experimental. I was also able to play with materials and their properties which is something that I enjoy doing. I used a tablet on a tripod to film my animation which isn’t something that I had done before and I discovered that it has pros and cons. It was quite unstable which made some of the films jerky and not very smooth. I enjoyed the process of this animation and making things up as we go along. One scene which I think worked well was the scene where my monster eats a cactus, this was fairly improvised as we weren’t sure if it was going to work or if it would look effective but I the end I think that it worked really well.

I found working in a group to have its advantages and its disadvantages. It was interesting as we were all able to combine our ideas and our different skills in order to create the animation. This was really helpful at the beginning when we were discussing how the animation could start and how all our monsters and spirits could encounter each other. The disadvantages of working in a group became apparent when people were absent as this slowed the animation process as we weren’t able to discuss what we were going to do next and it became harder to animate all of the characters and film at the same time with fewer people.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 14.57.11Some of the things that I think could be improved in our animations are the framing and lighting in some shots. In the clip that we filmed of the spirits going up the stairs it was hard to include the larger monster in shot and to make the smaller spirits noticeable at the same time. We could have filmed close ups of the spirits travelling up the stairs with a better quality camera in order for them to be more clear, we could have then added this in in the editing process. I could have also filmed some close ups of my spirit for the scene where it escapes the sketchbook. This would have allowed me to show my character in more detail and to have more of a focus on it on the screen as toward the end of the sequence it travels to the edge of the frame where it is harder to see. I think that we would have done these things if we had had more time, but as this was a relatively short project we focused on filming the main narrative of our animation.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 15.00.07.pngI was already interested in animation but I think that this project has made me want to explore the idea of  sketchbook animation further and to experiment with the technique of using a tablet to animate as it is an easy, instant process that I think could work really well for short, relatively simple animations. I also like the idea of found animations, creating something from similar shapes and colours, linking them all together.

Space is the Animated Place – Making the Animation

The process of animating the different sequences that made up our collaborative film.

As a group we decided that the animation would start with all of our monsters and spirits leaving their sketchbooks. We all filmed this part independently with the idea of bringing each separate origin together at the end.

I started by roughly storyboarding an idea for how my spirit would come alive in the sketchbook and then leave it.


I filmed my beginning piece on my desk in the illustration studio. I set up my desk with my sketchbook, a pile of book and some pots of pencils and a train ticket. The idea was that the monster would come alive in the sketchbook and then reach out and consume the train ticket, allowing the monster to take on the pattern and colours of the ticket. I then wanted the monster to come out of the book and run over to a stack of nearby books into which it would disappear.


I then roughly storyboarded some other ideas for where my animation could come next. These ideas would use the string model and the cacts model of my monster.


To film the next bit of the animation I met up with another person in the group. Together we animated our spirits meeting in the kitchen area and interacting with each other before mine chasing the other out of frame. We chose to introduce our spirits to each other because they were quite similar, they are both small and the ideas behind both were similar.


The animation started with one of the books from the desk in my first animation being put down in the kitchen. My spirit then emerges from the book, it is now multicoloured implying that it has eaten images in the book. After the spirits meet mine chases the other and ends up jumping into a pile of cardboard. This ending would then enable me to use my cardboard model of my monster in the next frame that it appears in.

I then worked with another member of the group in order for our monsters to meet. As our monsters which such different sizes we placed mine on a table so that it could watch the other monster as it walked past. This also allowed my monster to change from my card model to the cactus model.


For the final part of the animation we wanted all of our spirits and monsters to come together. We wanted to start the sequence with the largest monster standing at the top of the stairs as the others make their way towards it. The little monsters would then dismantle the larger monster and carry parts of it down the stairs. We wanted to film this part through close ups and cut aways which would allow us to focus on each spirit individually as well as animating them all together. The idea for the end would then consist of all of the spirits in the whole group coming together to create a large collage made up of materials, and other elements of spirits and monsters.


This filming process went well, starting individually at first was a good idea as it meant we didn’t have to rely on each other and we could work at our own pace. The collaberative  aspects of our animated film were made difficult because some people weren’t always in so they were unable to help. This meant that for some parts of the final sequence there was only three of us animating all four spirits and filming what we were doing.

The idea was then to incorporate all of our group films into one big film that showed all these different spirits in the School of Art and Design. In order for the film to be coherent we needed to film an ending as a group. We did this by incorporating all of our separate spirits to make one big mash up monster. We filmed this from above on a large sheet of paper. The idea was that different parts of some spirits would be carried to a ball of mess by other smaller spirits in order to create on big monster which would then throw up some spirits and then itself turning into nothing. This process went well but I think that we should have planned it all before hand so that it would have gone more smoothly.


Space is the Animated Space – Model Making

An overview of all the different models that I made of my spirit that I could use in the animation.

In order to animate my spirit I needed different models that would enable it to transform into different materials. I wanted my spirit to start as a two dimensional drawing in the sketchbook and then eventually change into a three dimensional figure. I started by making paper cut outs of the monsters which I painted with acrylic paint to add some texture.


I then made another set of paper cut outs using train tickets which I then painted a thin coat of white acrylic on top of. This set of paper cut outs would be used for the monster once it has eaten a train ticket so it would look like it had taken on the colours and patterns of the ticket.


I also made a multicoloured set of models of the monster which colour be used if it were to eat some pages of a picture book.


I then decided to start making three dimensional models that I could use in the animation. The first one I made was made from plasticine and string. I used the plasticine to create the rough shape of the monsters head, body and feet. I then wrapped string around these, I then made the arms out of plasticine but I didn’t wrap these in string. The idea for this version of the spirit is that it would look like it had eaten a ball of string.


I also made a model of my monster from cardboard. I started by drawing a net that would create a box for the body. I cut it out and folded the sides so that it made a 3D cube. Then i stuck the arms, feet and ears on. The mouth was made by cutting a hole in the box and adding paper teeth. I thought that this version of the spirit worked really well as it was visually consistent with the two dimensional models and it was really clear what it was made out of.


The final model that I made of the monster was supposed to resemble a cactus. I used green plasticine to create the monster, I wanted it to look really similar to the clay model that I originally made so that it would appear visually consistent. I then used tooth picks to add cactus like spines to the model. The idea was when it came to filming I could make it look like the spines were emerging slowly from underneath the skin. The idea for this model is that the spirit would come across a cactus somewhere in the studios and eat it making him turn green and prickly.