50 Artefacts

The work that I have produced so far for a brief asking to draw 50 objects considering angles, space and scale.


Three things that I learnt when working towards this brief:

  • How using colour can help to put an object in a space or time.
  • How an object can be hinted at using in-complete lines.
  • How different textures can be portrayed through the movement of line.

Collage Workshop

My outcomes from a workshop about using cutouts of bold, textured colour to compose a collage.

Three things that I learnt during this workshop:

  • How different textures can work together or contrast against each other.
  • How negative space is important within a composition.
  • How layering images can add extra depth to a piece.


Drypoint Etching Workshop

The work I produced during a drypoint etching workshop.

Three things I learnt during this workshop:

  • How adding text can change the meaning and atmosphere of an image entirely.
  • How to use different materials to change an image or add to it.
  • How the texture of the lines make different impressions in the paper.

Colour Workshop

Some work from a workshop all about experimenting with colour.

Three things I learnt from this colour workshop:

  • That colour alone can be used to remind you of a place or memory.
  • That colour can be interpreted by people differently and mean different things to different people.
  • That colours can be used to overwhelm the atmosphere of a piece or a space.


Words to Draw By Workshop

The work that I produced from the Words to Draw By workshop.

Three things that I have learnt from this workshop are:

  • How lines can be used to portray different verbs, such as scratching, dragging or pulling.
  • How words can have a massive impact on the meaning of a piece.
  • How the tools you use to create line can help to portray different actions and emotions.