Children’s Book Brief – Artist Research

Some artist research that I have done for the Children’s Book Brief.


Anastasia Izlesou

For this project I have already looked Anastasia Izlesou’s work in the book The White Hare but I have decided to research her work further as I really admire her use of colour and the way she suggests forms in her work using water colours.

Anastasia Izlesou – Bristol

I like this painting of Bristol University because of the use of colour which is not limited and I like the way the dark purples and blues of the shadowed areas contrast with the light yellows of the building. I also like how the colours bleed into each other, they aren’t separated by lines. I like the way that the shapes within the building and in the shadow areas are suggested by the different colours used and not just defined by pencil lines or separate blocks of colour.

Anastasia Izlesou – War Horse 

This illustration is for Michael Morpurgo’s book War Horse. In this piece I like how the watercolours have been used to add texture and atmosphere to the image, and how the purple clouds look ominous. I also like how they contrast to the ground which looks muddy and slimy because of the colours used and the texture because of how its been painted.

From looking at Anastasia Izlesou’s work I have been inspired to use more colour in my work and to use it more freely by not separating colours from each other with lines. I have also been inspired to mix my own colours more which will improve the colour palettes in my work. Her work has enabled me to use water colours in a different way by blending then together and using them to create interesting textures within my work which I haven’t really experimented with before.

Anja Uhren 

Anja Uhren is a freelance illustrator originally from Germany but now lives in the UK. She has illustrated another book in the collection Shadows and Light by Nichola Davies which The White Hare is a part of.

Image result for mother carys butter knife
Anja Uhren – Mother Cary’s Butter Knife 

This is one of the illustrations from the book Mother Cary’s Butter Knife written by Nichola Davies. I like this piece because of the range of shades of blue and green used which creates the feeling that these characters are at sea. I also like the way that she has outlined the people and other bits of the ship as its not as noticeable as using a black outline and it doesn’t separate the different colours so obviously. I also like how she has used colours to add texture to the image and to make the boat look faded and worn by the water.

Image result for mother carys butter knife
Anja Uhren – Mother Cary’s Butter Knife 

I like this image because of how she has used contrasting colours to add shadow to the image. I also like how she uses colour to suggest parts of the image, the whole thing isn’t painted which allows you to imagine how the rest looks.

Anja Uhren’s work has inspired me to keep in mind the phrase ‘less in more’ when doing my work and to leave some of it to the imagination of the viewer. Doing this will allow me to try a technique I have never considered before.



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