Animation, Propaganda and Satire – Initial Ideas and Development

My initial ideas, sketches and models for the latest brief – Animation, Propaganda and Satire


My idea for my short animation is about a machine that creates fake news buy twisting and combining words to make fake news stories.

I started by sketching out some rough ideas for the machine as well as writing ideas for the story. After doing a couple of sketches I started making parts of the machine to see what would work and what wouldn’t. I ended up with a design that I quite liked and thought would work well for the animation. I used card to make the models as its all I had to work with, however, I liked the texture of the card and the contrast between the different colours. I decided to use card to make the model for the animation as its easy to work with but is also visually interesting and it looks different to the machines in Wallace and Gromit that I looked at.

I then did a rough storyboard of my ideas for the story.

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After doing this I made some changes to my idea in order to convey my message in a clearer way. I decided to do this by thinking about the words that would go into the machine and what they would come out as. Instead of having new stories coming out of the machine I decided to have the words that go in change into different words that related to recent fakes news stories in order to show how fake news can be used in modern culture. For example the word racism would go in and be changed into the word patriotism to reflect Trump’s campaign and his questionable ideologies. I changed the way that the words would be put into the machine to show where they come from. I decided to show the words being spat out of a human mouth as the words that go into the machine come from people, they are words that represent a type of attitude of certain people. Another change is that the new story will show how the words are changed and what this means. The words will go in and get twisted and warped, they would then be stamped into the new words. After this they would be made bigger and more noticeable, they would also be buffed so that they glow and become more appealing to the people who believe these stories. The words would then come out of the machine carried by twitter birds. This would illustrate how fake news is spread and where it is most prevalent. I then made a new storyboard that included all my new ideas for my animation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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