Animation, Propaganda and Satire

Initial research for the latest brief about propaganda and satire within animation.


The brief for this project is to create a short animation that allows you to explore your own beliefs and ideas through propaganda and satire. I decided to work on an old idea from the 12 Days of Christmas News brief. This idea was the fake news machine, the idea behind it was to illustrate how fake news is made in a satirical way. I chose the topic of fake news as it has become increasingly more common and it is spread through fake news sites on the internet.

Fake News

Above is the fake news machine that I included in my pop up book for the 12 Days of Christmas News brief. I decided to expand the idea by making the machine more elaborate.


I looked at the artist William Heath Robinson because he is well known for his extraordinary inventions that perform everyday tasks. His work mocks people dependent on gadgets and whom are addicted to them. He became known for a series of illustrations in magazines that made fun of modern day living as they were incredibly complex but preformed simple tasks like peeling potatoes. His work has inspired me to make a complex machine that uses a different number of mechanisms such as winch and pulley systems and turning cogs.




I also looked at the illustrator Rowland Emmett. His work is similar to William Heath Robinson’s but Rowland’s inventions were designed to work. His inventions were constructed from household objects including tea pots, lamp shades, golf clubs and bicycle pumps. His machines were ridiculous but elegant and also included exaggerated spinning wheels, and funnels. His work was also colourful which made his machines look all the more ludicrous.


I have also taken inspiration from some of the inventions included in the various Wallace and Gromit films. I like the steam punk style that they use and how complex they are. The copper and brassy colours that are used also make them look industrial and daunting.





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