Characters and Place

Work from a group project about a soldier’s story from the Spanish Civil War.


For this group project we were put into groups and given the name and some information of a soldier from Cardiff that fought in the Spanish Civil War. The outcome of the project was to work together to create an exhibition telling the story of the person we were given. Our group was given a man that was originally from Cicero in Spain, who moved to Cardiff whilst trying to escape the civil war. His story was about him joining the Union’s Militia in Spain where he fought in some battles but had to retreat. His story then documents how he sailed to France to try and escape the war, then ended up back in Spain. He then went on to become a sailor and went to Canada, Scotland and then finally Cardiff. His story ended with him going back to his home village of Cicero in Spain in the 70s.

As a group we started by brainstorming our ideas, talking about the most significant parts of his journey and the ones we should include in our exhibition. We decided on each of us doing a different aspect of his story which we would then bring together using a map that we would make plotting out his journey during the Spanish Civil War. We decided to work separately but we would all take inspiration from propaganda posters from that time so our work would all fit together at the end.

I drew the map that showed our person’s journey during the war. I collaborated with an animation student who added the animated affects that showed where he had been.

finished map.png
The Map

I chose an old fashioned style as it has similar colours to those used in the propaganda posters. Once I had drawn and coloured it Alys from animation added the animated affects that plotted out where our soldier had been and in what order.

I also made some small postcards for the exhibition. I decided on 3 places he had been, Barcelona, Paris and Cardiff. I then looked at some old postcards taking inspiration from propaganda as well. I then screen printed these postcards using stencils. I only printed 2 colours for each card because of limited time so I printed onto colour paper and used coloured card to add grass to them.

All of the final work from the group. 

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