Metamorphosis: Analysis of Work

An analysis of my own work from the project Metamorphosis based on the book by Kafka.


Analysis of my own work 

Gregor with a human face

This is one of the shadow puppets that I made based on the character Gregor from the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Gregor is portrayed as a bug with a human face. I decided to do this as Gregor’s family see him as bug-like and monstrous in the book. I decided to give Gregor a human face as it shows who Gregor really is, a human, and it allows the audience to empathise with him. This design decision also makes the character look quite disturbing which is how he is described in the book ‘monstrous vermin;.

Mr Samsa

Another shadow puppet that I made was Gregor’s father, Mr Samsa. He has a hunched back, a large nose, receding hair line and a protruding belly. These features make him look elderly but not frail. He doesn’t look commanding or authoritative which suggests that he is not in charge of looking after the family, Gregor is. He looks well looked after, which implies his son looks after his family well.

The houses all vary in size and style. Some look more modern with aerials on their roofs whilst others look older.  This variation makes it difficult to place the houses in a specific time. This suggests the story could be taking place at any time, which implies that it is still relevant today.


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