Metamorphosis Summary

A summary of the work produced throughout this project and what I have learnt doing it.


The outcome of this project was to produce a shadow puppet show based on the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. We had to work as a group to write the script, make the puppets and set and to preform the play at the end.

We started by making the shadow puppets. This helped me to understand how to design simple characters that were easily identifiable as the characters in the book. It also helped me to understand how characters are developed. I also learnt how to exaggerate characters to make them easier to understand, for example I made a puppet of Gregor, the main character, as a beetle but with a human head to show that he was really human and not just a bug.

We then started making the props for the set. I learnt how important composition is when using cutouts of furniture to try and show the difference between a bedroom and a living room.

houses.jpgWhen making the city houses to make up some of the frame for the set I learnt again about the importance of composition. I learnt that I needed to vary the design of the buildings in order to make them look easily identifiable and more visually interesting as not much detail could be added to them as they were just silhouettes. I also used coloured acetate to represent the light shining through the windows of the building.

The final show lasted approximately 15 minutes. Below are some photos of the set whilst it was being assembled and the final set ready for the show. The different pieces of the set went together really well. We tried to include the surrounding city and apartments in the set. The final show went well, some things wet wrong but it added to the charm of it.

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