London Trip

Some sketches from a trip to London that I went on with other Illustration students from university.

Puppet from The Museum of Childhood

These are some of the sketches that I did whilst in London on a trip with university. We arrived in London on a Friday and went straight to The Museum of Childhood. Here we spent a few hours looking at all the exhibits. I drew a skeleton puppet which I found in one of the display cases.

wkNext we went to the Whitechapel Gallery. Here I paid to enter the William Kentridge exhibition, Tick Time. I found this exhibition really interesting as I was already familiar with some of Kentridge’s work but I had not seen any of his instillation pieces. I found his work very immersive and captivating. I especially liked the way he used sound and music to draw you in and make you feel like you’re part of the work and everything is happening around you.

On Saturday we went to The Hunterian Museum first. I found this museum extremely interesting, I enjoyed reading about the development of medicine and what surgery was like in the past. I also found the vast collection of strange samples intriguing, especially the partially dissected ones that were used to teach pupils about how things inside the body worked. Here I did a few sketches of some of the more visually interesting specimens.


We then went to The Imperial War Museum. Here I didn’t draw anything but I found the exhibits very engrossing. The exhibition about family life during wartime was interesting as it showed you how much it has an effect on everyones lives.

I then went to The National History Museum. I did not get to spend a lot of time here but I found the exhibits I did look at were very engaging. Here, I drew the building itself as it is a very impressive building because of its sheer size and beauty. I also drew the Diplodocus that stands in the atrium of the museum as it is an iconic exhibition in the museum.

The National History Museum
Diplodocus from The National History Museum


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