Bodies and Identity

For this task I had to use books to learn the definition of some words linked to the body, identity and masculinity.


Hegemony – ‘often used to explain the relative stability of capitalist societies, (hegemony) is a mixture of both cultural consensus and political coercion.’ Bryan.S.Turner, The Body and Society 1984.

Heteronormativity- ‘focuses on the mutual constitution and enforcement of normative – or even compulsory – heterosexuality and rigid binary sex / gender orders. Focusing on the power of norms is central to the critique of heteronormativity.’ Maria do Mar Castro Varela, Hegemony and Heteronormativity: Revisiting ‘the Political’ in Queer Politics, 2011.

Binary – ‘some forms of identity, however, are understood to be mutually exclusive, and indeed rely on not being able to be combined. Examples included the binaries of men / women.’ Steph Lawler, Identity: Sociological Perspectives, 2007.


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