A Streetcar Named Desire Project: A Summary

One of the first tasks in this project was to select inanimate objects to represent the three main characters in the play, Stanley, Stella and Blanche. We had to consider the objects carefully as we needed to give them life so that they could be used to act out scenes from the play. I chose a hip flask for Stanley, a key for Stella and an empty perfume bottle for Blanche. We then used these objects to recreate 40 images surrounding a moment in time in the play. In order to portray the emotions and themes in the scene angles and positioning had to be taken into consideration as well as colours and the intensity of them.

During this project I learnt a lot about how to use colour effectively in my work, especially to portray emotion and a sense of atmosphere. I learnt that carefully selecting colours to be used in my work can evoke emotional reactions in people viewing it, which helps to give a sense of the mood of work. I also learnt that the type of colour also has an effect on the emotions portrayed in an image, for example pale soft colours don’t have a big of an impact as bolder more vivid colours. These bolder colours help to portray a sense of intensity and claustrophobia in a scene.

I also learnt how angles help to portray character dominance in a scene. By making characters bigger than others and making them look intimidating by using bold colours and slanted angles. These techniques really helped me to animate the objects and create tension in some of the scenes.

This project helped me to realise how colour can be used effectively to create a sense of emotion and it helped me to learn how to personify inanimate objects and give them emotions and make them recognisable as the different characters in the play.


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