Personification Workshop

My work from a workshop where we had to use inanimate objects to represent characters from A Streetcar Named Desire.


The first objects I chose to represent my characters were a jewellery box for Blanche, a box of matches for Stanley and a key for Stella. I decided quickly to change some of my objects as they didn’t work well together because of their different sizes, Blanche was larger than Stanley which made it too difficult to make Stanley look dominant.

I then used a ring for Blanche but this still didn’t work as she was now too small compared to Stanley. I decided to change my objects for both Blanche and Stanley in order for them to work well together.

I ended up using a perfume bottle for Blanche and a hip flask for Stanley. These worked much better together as the flask is just a bit bigger than the perfume bottle. I have explained my reasons for choosing these objects on my blog post ‘Personifying Objects: A Streetcar Named Desire’.

We had to use our objects to act out scenes from the film / play.

We then used these photographs to draw out scenes from the play using our personified characters.


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