Object and Subject

Discussing the body as a subject and how it can become an object through social media and selfies.


The body as a subject is free, it can’t be owned by others so we have control over our own bodies. It can also communicate freely with other bodies, as a subject the body is free to do what it wants when it wants. However through things like social media the body can be seen as an object, for example when a selfie is posted. This happens as the body then becomes the object of observation online and people don’t know what others use their images for. The publisher owns the selfie but others can download it and use it. Selfies are also subject to criticism and scrutiny from others, this criticism is not always posted online so the owner of the selfie may never be aware of it. Selfies are also subject to control from popular culture, people go to great lengths to capture the ‘perfect selfie’ by editing their images using filters or photoshop. Selfies objectify the body through the need to be seen as beautiful and for others to accept and like us.

Emily Hilditch Selfie 2016 

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