Personifying Objects: A Streetcar Named Desire

We were given the task to identify three objects that encapsulate the characters of Blanche, Stella and Stanley from the play A Streetcar Named Desire. The objects that we chose had to portray the character and represent their behaviour and personality in the film and play.

Perfume Bottle

For the character Blanche I chose an old perfume bottle as they are linked to beauty and it is quite a feminine object. I decided on an old one as Blanche continuously refers to her beauty as fading with age and she worries a lot about getting old. Perfume bottles are also delicate, they’re not strong and robust just like Blanche’s character, she tries to portray herself as a delicate lady who needs to be treated with respect and care, just like the perfume bottle.

To draw the bottle I used light feminine colours to represent the beauty and glamour that Blanche tries to fill her life with, I also made some of the lines rough and sketchy to show how frantic Blanche can be and how delirious she sounds when she tells lies about her life.




For the character Stella I chose a key to encapsulate her as she is the bridge connecting Blanche and Stanley, she is the reason that they meet and like a key she opens the door between them. Stella also acts as a sort of referee between Blanche and Stanley, she tries to control them, like a key controls where people can, go to make sure things don’t get out of hand but she fails to do this as she doesn’t want to get too involved or choose sides between her sister and husband.

To draw the key I used a pale, calm blue colour as Stella tries to stay calm when dealing with Stanley and Blanche and the paleness  represents her not standing up for her self when Stanley abuses her. The blue also represents the underlying sadness in her relationship with Stanley.

Hip Flask

For Stanley I chose a hip flask to represent his character as a hip flask is a quite masculine object, which fits with Stanley who comes across as ‘a mans man’. Its also a symbol strongly associated with alcohol and Stanley drinks a lot which could be one of the reasons why he gets so angry all the time and why he beats Stella even though he cares about her. The flask is also bigger than the objects I have chosen for Blanche and Stella to represent Stanley’s dominance over these two characters.

To draw the hip flask I used a grey colour but with a hint of red underneath the grey. The red symbolises Stanley’s anger and violence towards the other characters especially  Blanche. The fact that it is partially hidden shows that Stanley is not always angry and that he can be caring towards Stella.





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