Workshop Summary

A summary of what I have learnt from the workshops I have taken part in.


The workshops that I have taken part in over the past few weeks have helped me to understand how different lines can portray different meanings, how colour can be used to effectively evoke emotions in people, how shapes can be used to create compositions.

Drawing with verbs

The first workshop, Words To Draw By, helped me to understand the different ways in which line can be used to portray different actions and feelings. For example lines can look rushed or angry as well as calm and relaxed. I learnt how lines can be used to portray verbs such as scratching, pushing and flowing. I also experimented with some different ways of creating lines such as using a twig dipped in ink and using a leaf to print a pattern. I also learnt that selecting a a random quote from a book to use as a title can give a piece of work a whole new meaning.

Blending Colours

In the second workshop, The Colour Workshop, I learnt how different shades of colours can mean different things to different people, for example it could remind them of a memory. I also learnt how colours can be used to be the focus of a piece of work, colours can be used to portray information within a piece because of the different associations with them. We also looked at how colours can be used to evoke certain emotions in people when looking at a piece of work.

I also did a workshop on dry-point etching. I learnt how to print using this technique. This workshop introduced me to new techniques that I had never tried before, I learnt how to transfer a design onto plastic, by scratching into it. I then learnt how to apply ink to the template and how to use a printing press to transfer the image to paper.

Using shapes to create a composition

In the Matisse Workshop I learnt how simple shapes can be used together to create a composition. I also learnt how bold, block colours can work together or be used to create a piece that clashes and confuses the eye. I also learnt how colours can affect a composition.


In the last workshop, The Collage Workshop, I learnt how to use random colours and textures to create one composition. I also learnt how important negative space is within a piece and how it can be used to give a whole new meaning to a piece. I also learnt how adding text to an image can give it a whole new meaning and context.


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