Colour Workshop Research

Sara FANELLI 2002 First Flight

As part of the colour workshop we were given a list of artists to chose from to research and write about. The first artist I chose was Sara Fanelli. I chose her as I like her work because of her use of texture and collage and how all of her pieces look different because of the different use of materials and bold colours.

She has undertaken illustration work for various publications, including the New York Times, the Independent on Sunday and the New Scientist. Her clients include The Royal Mail, BBC Worldwide, and Tate.

She starts with a drawing of the composition, then she plays around with it, interweaving it with all the different items she uses and experimenting with the typography too. 

She uses paper for her work that has been stained or previously written on, like shopping lists or pieces of rubbish.She also uses prints and etchings in her work ,sometimes cutting them up and adding them to her work.

Brecht EVANS 

Brecht Evans is an illustrator from Belgium, he studied Illustration at Sint-lucas Beeldende Kunst in Ghent, Belgium, from 2004 until 2008.

He uses unusual lines and repeated patterns, often chequerboard, to fill a space in an overwhelming way. This technique allows him to get a lot of character and atmosphere into each image, filling them with detail.

Some of his drawings are like paintings, he doesn’t separate the colour by outlining his work. He also builds layers upon layers in his work which leads to characters on top of each other, buildings and other levels overlapping.

The colours in his work look otherworldly and vibrant and the contrasting darkness in some of his images make them look eerie and strange.

His colorful watercolour, marker images and prints contain a wide range of creatures, scenes and people. His palettes are surprising and enchanting, seemingly depicting other worlds.


Eda Akultan is an illustrator born in Istanbul in 1985. She uses digital collage, traditional printmaking techniques, paper ephemera, 1950’s fashion catalogues, old family photos and geometry to produce her work, these techniques create a world within her work that is unique and distinctive.

She completed a MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in 2010, and she has worked for a wide range of publishers including The New York Times, Time, Wired, Herman Miller, Bafta, Krug Champagne and Pentagram NY as well as showing work in exhibitions.



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